Innovation Manufacturing and Engineering Management

Volume 323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ping Wu, Yue Xi Zhou

Abstract: Traditional costume color research of the new age dress creation has far-reaching influence. With the development of our national economy...

Authors: Guang Yan Huang, Guang Wu, Shun Shan Feng

Abstract: Three-stage model of normal penetration of rigid projectile into aluminum plate is developed base on cavity expansion theory (plate...

Authors: Yang Liu, Yong Hong Li, Axu Hu, Jian Bin Wang

Abstract: This article discusses the design of mandarin air pressure corpus processing manufacturing platform edited by Matlab program. It is argured...

Authors: Zhu Min Chen

Abstract: The intelligent network manufacturing system comes into a new development process with the first Citi intelligent branch build successfully....

Authors: Min Qiang Dai, Sheng Dun Zhao, Xiao Mei Yuan

Abstract: In the paper, we developed a non-intrusive on line detection device based on wireless network electromagnetic valve for the on-line...

Authors: Zhi Wu Gai, Jing Zhang, Xian Chang Yang

Abstract: After comparing with the shortage of traditional model notebook computers and desktop computers, we disclose sets of new anti-radiation...

Authors: Rui Tang

Abstract: Pointing on nonlinear and parameters vary with time in the velocity servo system, and the requirement of servo system is difficult to meet...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Jiang, Xi Lan Feng, Xian Zhang Feng

Abstract: The shaft coupling device (SCD) is the key mechanical components for the connection between motor and driving device, its fixing progress in...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Ya Qin Zhou

Abstract: Welding fixture can ensure welding dimension, improve assembly precision and efficiency. It can prevent the welding deformation. The...

Authors: Bing Feng Liu, Hui Liu, Su Ming Liu

Abstract: Knowledge sharing in industry-university cooperation through the exterior resources internalization, has realized the resource sharing and...


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