Innovation Manufacturing and Engineering Management

Volume 323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Qi Tang, Hui Ming Wu, Yi Wen Bian

Abstract: Because of low knowledge structural level in real tunnel engineering management, existing risk control methods (e.g., rule reasoning,...

Authors: Jian Bi Zhang

Abstract: Without high quality electronic components, it is difficult for good design electronic component to play roles. In the production process of...

Authors: Fei Huang, Yi Luo, Yi Yao

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic concept of fuzzy PID in manufacturing engineering, and the system of temperature control is analyzed, and...

Authors: Qing Jun Wang, Zhi Hong Wu

Abstract: In allusion to the characteristics of Liaoning agricultural products logistics, this paper comes up with the management model of the...

Authors: Lei Yang, Yang Zhou

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of geographical prospecting data of dike hazard, this paper discusses the design of the data-interpreting...

Authors: Yong Jiang, Ya Ping Wang, Dong Mei Zhao

Abstract: The paper analyzes the difference between useful signal and noise signal in dissemination characteristic inside wavelet space in...

Authors: Xu Dong Pei

Abstract: Based on the matching theory, the antecedence of partnership formation between Buyer and Supplier in manufacturing engineering is explored....

Authors: Xing Li, Fu Zhou Luo

Abstract: Now no complete and authorized rating system of green construction has ever been issued in China, which has made it impossible to promote...

Authors: Mei Dan He

Abstract: This paper reviews the main literature researches on remanufacturing logistics system in recent years in china, outlines the main research...

Authors: Xiang Jun Peng

Abstract: The prosperous development of the software and information service outsourcing industry brings opportunities for inland city to optimize...


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