Innovation Manufacturing and Engineering Management

Volume 323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Quan Li, Xiao Na Liu

Abstract: To investigate construction safety manufacturing management from the perspective of short-term behavior, the study first gets a massive...

Authors: Bo Li, Hua Liu

Abstract: Currently, storage theory has been widely adopted but rarely used in procurement decision-making of construction, especially in green...

Authors: Xiao Lin Pan, Ying Tian

Abstract: This paper presents a three-stage game model between one manufacture and n retailers. If the retailers share their forecasts truthfully, the...

Authors: Yun Li Gao, Qing Chun Wang

Abstract: As the scale of investment on projects increases, manufacturing project integrated risk management becomes more important. The content and...

Authors: Xiao Wei Gu, Peng Fei Wang, Qing Wang, You Yi Zheng, Jian Ping Liu, Bin Chen

Abstract: A dynamic sequencing method has been developed that can simultaneously optimize the final pit and the production schedule of an open-pit...

Authors: Sheng Hua Qin, Dong Yan

Abstract: Resource consumption accounting (RCA) is a major innovation in manufacturing management accounting. It combines activity-based costing and...

Authors: Jia Li, Guo Sheng Chen, Xin Luo

Abstract: Comprehensive evaluation of university’s cultural soft power for manufacturing engineering made us seen the soft power of the university...

Authors: Xu Wei Li, Ming Ming Dong

Abstract: Economic relations of modern enterprises are the most important factor for the modern enterprise management in Manufacturing Engineering,...

Authors: Jian Bi Zhang

Abstract: Intelligent curtain system can be time switch and achieve more advanced control functions as scene control. The paper introduced curtain...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Ye, Xu Zhang

Abstract: A mathematical model of two competitive populations with migrations between two patches in manufacturing engineering is proposed. It is...


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