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Authors: Anne Pépin, Patrick Bernier, Michel Lannoo
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:This talk is intended to give an overview of research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) in France and especially at the French National...
Authors: Vincenzo Guarino, Antonio Gloria, Marco A. Alvarez-Perez, Maria Grazia Raucci, Valentina Cirillo, Alfredo Ronca, Roberto De Santis, Luigi Ambrosio
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:In order to mimic the behaviors of natural tissue, the optimal approach for designing novel biomaterials has to be inspired to nature...
Authors: Gabriel Ferro
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:In this paper, the issues related to in-situ doping of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor during epitaxial growth are reviewed. Some of...
Authors: Jose Miguel Martin-Martinez
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:Adhesives have been used in the footwear industry as an alternative to sewing or application of nails, staples or tacks to bond several parts...
Authors: Joël Patarin
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:Nanoporous solids characterized by a narrow pore size distribution such as zeolites (aluminosilicates) and related materials (other...
Authors: Sabine Bertho, Wibren D. Oosterbaan, Veerle Vrindts, Jean Christophe Bolsée, Fortunato Piersimoni, Donato Spoltore, Jan D'Haen, Laurence Lutsen, Dirk Vanderzande, Jean V. Manca
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:The use of nanostructured non-conventional semiconductors such as conjugated polymers and metal oxides (e.g. TiO2), opens...
Authors: Recep Vatansever, Harun Mindivan, E.S. Kayali
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:In this work, the re-use of aluminum AA6061 chips and fly ash particles by solid-state processes (cryomilling, cold compaction and hot...
Authors: Nikolaos Nikolaou, Panagiotis Dimitrakis, Pascal Normand, Vassilios Ioannou-Sougleridis, Konstantinos Giannakopoulos, Konstantina Mergia, Kaupo Kukli, Jaakko Niinisto, Mikko Ritala, Markku Leskela
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:In this work we report on the structural and electrical properties of SiO2/Si3N4/HfO2 memory stacks with...
Authors: Dominique Tournier, Pierre Brosselard, Christophe Raynaud, Mihai Lazar, Herve Morel, Dominique Planson
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Abstract:Progress in semiconductor technologies have been so consequent these last years that theoretical limits of silicon, speci cally in the eld of...
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