Effect of Deposition Time on Physical Properties of Nanocrystallized SnS Zinc Blend Thin Films Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition


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Abstract. Zinc blend tin sulphide thin films have been successfully prepared on Pyrex substrates using low cost chemical bath depositiontechnique. In this work, we study the effect of time deposition on the physical properties of SnS thin film. A 200 nm thick layer is obtained as an optimum value for deposition time td equal to four hours. X-Ray diffraction study shows that SnS exhibits a zinc blend structure with preferential orientations (111)ZB and (200)ZB. Optical analyses by means of transmission T(λ) and reflection R(λ) measurements allow to determine the direct band gap energy value ≈1.7 eV. Thin layers of tin sulphide exhibit a high absorption coefficient up to 1.5×106 cm-1 in the visible domain, indicating that SnS compound has absorbing properties favorable for applications in solar cell devices.



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Maher Soueidan, Mohamad Roumié and Pierre Masri




A. Akkari et al., "Effect of Deposition Time on Physical Properties of Nanocrystallized SnS Zinc Blend Thin Films Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 324, pp. 101-104, 2011

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August 2011




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