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Authors: Ayad Ghannam, David Bourrier, Christophe Viallon, Thierry Parra
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:This paper presents a new process for integration of high-Q RF power inductors above low resistivity silicon substrates. The process uses the...
Authors: R. Abi Saad, Zeina Melhem, Chadi Nader, Youssef Zaatar, Doumit Zaouk
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:in this paper, we propose a new multi-band patch antenna structure for embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers and wireless...
Authors: Raed Amro
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:There is a demand for higher junction temperatures in power devices, but the existing packaging technology is limiting the power cycling...
Authors: Jalal Jomaah, Majida Fadlallah, Gerard Ghibaudo
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:A review of recent results concerning the low frequency noise in modern CMOS devices is given. The approaches such as the carrier number and...
Authors: Zeina Melhem, Chadi Nader, B. Bayard, J. Bechara, Jean Jacques Rousseau
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:A microstrip bandpass filter with rectangular patch coupled resonator is presented. The filter is designed to be more affected by the...
Authors: Vlad Marian, Salah Eddine Adami, Christian Vollaire, Bruno Allard, Jacques Verdier
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:This paper presents several RF-to-DC converter topologies and compares their performances based on measurements made on fabricated...
Authors: Doris Homsi, Samer Aouad, Cedric Gennequin, Antoine Aboukaïs, Edmond Abi-Aad
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:Co6Al2 oxide was prepared using the hydrotalcite route. The obtained solid was thermally stabilized at 500°C and then...
Authors: Nicolas Degrenne, Francois Buret, Bruno Allard, Jean Michel Monier
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) harness the natural metabolisms of microbes to produce electrical power from almost any kind of organic matter....
Authors: Petra Salame, Andrej Zeman, Francoise Mulhauser
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:Hydrogen and fuel cells can greatly contribute to a more sustainable less carbon-dependent global energy system. An effective and safe method...
Authors: Abdellatif Zerga, Kamila Benyelles
Chapter III: Applications
Abstract:In this study, we attempt the contribution of the silicon nanocrystal nc-Si luminescence phenomena to the performance of the conventional...
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