Advances in Innovative Materials and Applications

Volume 324

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Harouna Hassane, Jean Pierre Chatelon, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Ali Siblini, Adoum Kriga

Abstract: In this paper, we study the effects of a magnet, located in the cathode, on barium hexaferrite thin films deposited by RF magnetron...

Authors: Anis Akkari, Meriem Regima, Cathy Guasch, Najoua Kamoun Turki

Abstract: Abstract. Zinc blend tin sulphide thin films have been successfully prepared on Pyrex substrates using low cost chemical bath...

Authors: Cenk Aktas, Ayman Haidar, Marina Martinez Miró, Eva Dörrschuck, Juseok Lee, Michael Veith, Hashim Abdul Khaliq

Abstract: Abstract . Topography plays a major role on surface-cell interaction beside the surface chemistry. We investigated the effect of the...

Authors: Mohammad El-Jawad, Bruno Gilles, Frederic Maillard

Abstract: In this study, we investigated the role of oxygen in the faceting of the W(111) surface at temperatures close to T = 2000°C. For that...

Authors: Rita Najjar, Salim Boutami, Cyril Cayron, Nathalie Baclet, Viviane Muffato, Pierre Labeye, Alistair Kean, Sirina Saranu, Etienne Quesnel

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles have been prepared using a “terminated gas condensation” technique. An unprecedented control of 5-6 nm-size...

Authors: Michel Nakhl, Mirvat Zakhour, Charbel Amine, Houssam El-Rassy, Samir F. Matar

Abstract: The effect of wet milling on the hydriding properties of magnesium based mixture has been investigated. To prepare these mixtures, magnesium...

Authors: Mikhael Bechelany, Jamil Elias, Jihane Hankache, Pierre Brodard, Laetitia Philippe, Johann Michler

Abstract: We report a simple synthetic route based on electroless deposition (galvanic displacement) and natural lithography to synthesize organized...

Authors: Wegdan Ramadan, Marwa Kareem, Béatrice Hannoyer, Shanta Saha

Abstract: Magnetite, Fe3O4, nanoparticles were synthesized using co-precipitation aqueous method at room temperature and at different pH, from 8 to...

Authors: Madis Paalo, Tanel Tätte, Eugene Shulga, Madis Lobjakas, Aare Floren, Ants Lõhmus, Uno Mäeorg, Ilmar Kink

Abstract: In the present work, it is shown that carbon nanotube-doped transition metal oxides are potential candidates for use as ceramic transparent...

Authors: Ahmad Al Mohammad, Mohamad B. Alsous

Abstract: The effect of surface structures of annealed WO3 thin films on heteroepitaxial growth of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) deposited...


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