Advances in Innovative Materials and Applications

Volume 324

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ahmad Al Mohammad, Fatemh Maksoud

Abstract: The relevance of sensor response to NO2 with the nanostructure of the sensing body was investigated for thick-film devices using...

Authors: Ahmad I. Ayesh, Saleh Thaker, Naser Qamhieh, Hassan Ghamlouche

Abstract: We report on the fabrication of palladium (Pd) nanoclusters using a dc magnetron sputtering source. The sputtering source produces ionized...

Authors: Carlos Youssef, Eric Puzenat, Samir Najm, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, Chantal Guillard

Abstract: TiO2 P25 catalyst was used to study the photocatalytic oxidation of CO to CO2 at 288K. Two parameters, O2...

Authors: Abdelmajid Rakib, Cédric Gennequin, Thierry Dhainaut, Sylvain Ringot, Antoine Aboukaïs, Edmond Abi-Aad

Abstract: Hydrogen production by steam reforming of methane was studied over Ni catalysts supported on CeO2, Al2O3...

Authors: Mary Mrad, Cédric Gennequin, Antoine Aboukaïs, Edmond Abi-Aad

Abstract: The performances of different xCu10Ce and xZn10Ce (x = 1, 3, and 5) catalysts prepared by impregnation method then pelletised,...

Authors: Tarek Barakat, Gauthier Finne, Manuel Franco, Renaud Cousin, Jean Marc Giraudon, Jean François Lamonier, Diane Thomas, André Decroly, Guy Deweireld, Stéphane Siffert

Abstract: The catalytic performance of a commercial TiO2 was investigated towards the total oxidation of toluene. A variety of two titania...

Authors: Farah Zeitouni, Gehan El-Subruiti, Ghassan Younes, Mohammad Amira

Abstract: The rate of aquation of bromopentaammine cobalt(III) ion in the presence of different types of dicarboxylate solutions containing...

Authors: Soumia Boulefred, Abdelghani Chiboub-Fellah, Fatema Zohra Chiboub-Fellah, Mustayeen Ahmed Khan

Abstract: Cobalt(II) chlorocomplexes were studied in a polar protic solvent namely methanol at 25°C. The spectrophotometric technique in the visible...

Authors: Bassem Mouawad, Maher Soueidan, Damien Fabrègue, Cyril Buttay, Vincent Bley, Bruno Allard

Abstract: Bonding of high purity polished copper was investigated using the Spark Plasma Sintering technique (SPS) showing the effect of SPS...

Authors: Fehmi Gamaoun, Imen Skhiri, Tarak Bouraoui

Abstract: Because of its good corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, superelastic Ni-Ti wire alloys have been successfully used in orthodontic...


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