Advances in Innovative Materials and Applications

Volume 324

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Farouk Fardoun, S. Iyengar, Solveig Melin

Abstract: Brass is a popular engineering material used in a variety of applications requiring good strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and...

Authors: Ali Hallal, Farouk Fardoun, Rafic Younes, Fadi Hage Chehade

Abstract: This work represents a comparative study of available analytical micromechanical models used to evaluate the elastic properties of...

Authors: Mutasem Shehahdeh

Abstract: Multiscale dislocation dynamics plasticity (MDDP) simulations are carried out to address the following issues in modeling shock-induced...

Authors: Nadi Braidy, Carmen Andrei, Jasmin Blanchard, Nicolas Abatzoglou

Abstract: χThe nanostructure of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Fe carbides are investigated using aberration-corrected high-resolution transmission electron...

Authors: Husam Abu-Safe

Abstract: Horizontal silicon nanowires were grown using thermal annealing of thin layers of aluminum on silicon substrates. The template to grow these...

Authors: Ziyad S. A. Al Sarraj, Mukhlis M. Ismail, Sabah M. Ali, Wan Q. Cao

Abstract: BaTiO3 powders were prepared hydrothermally using TiCl4, Ba(OH)2.8H2O and NH4OH as...

Authors: Mohamed Larbi Medjroubi, Ouarda Brihi, Noudjoud Hamdouni, Ali Boudjada, Jean Meinnel

Abstract: The crystal structure of Dibromonitrotoluen (DBNT) obtained at the ambient temperature 293k from the X-ray diffraction crystallizes in the...

Authors: Richard Nader, Jörg Pezoldt

Abstract: To improve the quality of AlN layer deposit on SiC/Si, different Ge amounts (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2ML) were deposited before the carbonization...

Authors: Jörg Pezoldt, Andrei Alexandrovich Kalnin

Abstract: The polytype transitions are caused by disorder generation in the initial structure due to energy dissipation. The disorder is strongly...

Authors: Aurore Constant, Philippe Godignon

Abstract: Gate oxides for SiC lateral MOSFETs have been formed in N2O by rapid thermal processing (RTP) as an alternative to the conventional furnace...


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