Advances in Abrasive Technology XIV

Volume 325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ali Zahedi, J. Akbari

Abstract: Recent advances in materials science have necessitated the development and understanding of manufacturing processes for safe and repeatable...

Authors: Zhong De Shi, Amr Elfizy, Benoit St-Pierre, Helmi Attia

Abstract: An experimental study is reported on the grinding of a nickel-based alloy using vitrified CBN wheels. This work was motivated by switching...

Authors: Z.Z. Chen, Jiu Hua Xu, W.F. Ding, Z. Cheng, Y.C. Fu

Abstract: Nickel-based superalloy plays an extremely important role in gas turbine engines in aerospace industry. To understand the high and super...

Authors: Qiu Lin Niu, Guo Giang Guo, Xiao Jiang Cai, Zhi Qiang Liu, Ming Chen

Abstract: As two kinds of advanced titanium alloys, TC18 and TA19 were introduced in this paper. The machinabilities of TC18 and TA19 alloys were...

Authors: Akihiko Kubo, Yasushi Mochida, Junichi Tamaki, Katsuko Harano, Hitoshi Sumiya, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah

Abstract: Face cutting of tungsten carbide was conducted using two monocrystalline diamond tools and three polycrystalline diamond tools to...

Authors: Akinori Yui, Hiroshi Matsuoka, Shigeki Okuyama, Takayuki Kitajima, Go Okahata

Abstract: Rubbing tests between a diamond stick and a tungsten carbide plate and planing experiments of cobalt-free tungsten carbide using a...

Authors: Abbas Pak, Amir Abdullah

Abstract: Force and specific energy are important factors in all abrasive machining operations especially in creep-feed grinding of hard materials....

Authors: Ping Zou, Xu Lei Yang, Jin Zhong Xu, Ming Hu, Wen Yuan Tian

Abstract: It is necessary to develop complex helical drill point grinders in order to improve drilling quality and efficiency. In this paper, a new...

Authors: Peter Krajnik, Radovan Drazumeric, Jeffrey Badger, Janez Kopač, Cornel Mihai Nicolescu

Abstract: A simulation model of a punch grinding process has been used to determine optimal parameters to reduce grinding cycle time and achieve a...

Authors: Bing Hai Lv, Zhe Wu, Ju Long Yuan, Hong Wei Fan

Abstract: The dressing principle of a newly developed metal bonded superabrasive tool named porous self-generation superabrasive tool (PSST) is...


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