Advances in Abrasive Technology XIV

Volume 325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masahiro Furuno, Koichi Kitajima, Yousuke Tsukuda, Takeshi Akamatsu

Abstract: The results of an investigation on the effects of surface roughness on adhesion to the coating using the assumed tungsten carbide end mill...

Authors: Mao Jie Ge, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li

Abstract: This paper reveals the deformation and vibration properties of thin-walled component with and without paraffin. Deformation characteristics...

Authors: Jun Shinozuka, Masato Sando, Tasuku Horie

Abstract: Raising a cutting speed to above speed of a plastic wave of a workpiece material induces the high levels of the hydrostatic stresses in the...

Authors: Noritaka Kawasegi, Hiroshi Sugimori, Noboru Morita, Min Chao Xue

Abstract: Cutting and friction experiments were conducted in various atmospheres to investigate the chemical effect on textured cutting tools. The...

Authors: Jim N. Boland, Xing S. Li, D. Hay, Colin M. MacRae, S. Elbracht, Roger P. Rassool, Vladimir Luzin, Paolo Imperia

Abstract: Variability in the abrasive wear of PCD coatings on cemented WC substrates has been investigated. Six samples of PCD coated carbides were...

Authors: Hiroyuki Kodama, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa

Abstract: The uses of data mining methods to support workers decide on reasonable cutting conditions has been investigated in this work. The aim of...

Authors: Bijan Vakili Azghandi, M. Reza Razfar

Abstract: Ultrasonic assisted drilling has made remarkable achievements in recent years. Improvements in many fields have been considered by...

Authors: Go Okahata, Shigeki Okuyama, Akinori Yui

Abstract: Precision machine tools using hydrostatic water bearings are superior to those using hydrostatic oil bearings in terms of environmental...

Authors: Dirk Biermann, M. Feldhoff

Abstract: Highly abrasive nature of carbon fibres and material-related problems like fibre or fibre bundle pullouts, matrix micro cracks and...

Authors: Tetsuya Tashiro, Junsuke Fujiwara, Keiko Inada

Abstract: Drilling experiments of CFRP/Ti6Al4V laminated stack board were carried out use of a TiAlN-coated cemented carbide drill and a...


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