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Authors: Shigeomi Koshimizu
Chapter 2: Turning, Milling and Drilling
Abstract:Glass disks are used as substrates for the recording media in magnetic disk devices. To mass produce glass disks, a technology is required...
Authors: Hiro Ohzeki, Fumihito Arai
Chapter 2: Turning, Milling and Drilling
Abstract:This paper deals with drilling of borosilicate glass with feedback control based on cutting force, in order to provide a basis for...
Authors: X.L. Jin, Liang Chi Zhang
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:This paper develops a statistical model to analyze the chemical effect on the material removal rate (MRR) in chemo-mechanical polishing of...
Authors: Shang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin, Zhi Gang Dong
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Aiming at the problems such as metal ionic contamination, poor dispersion property and low material removal rate (MRR) in the chemical...
Authors: Zhu Ji Jin, Z.W. Yuan, Q. Li, K. Wang
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Mechanical energy may initiate and accelerate chemical reaction in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). To study the effect of mechanical...
Authors: Sze Keat Chee, Hirofumi Suzuki, Mutsumi Okada, Takeshi Yano, Toshiro Higuchi, Wei Min Lin
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Demands of precision molds with complicated microstructures for digital devices such as DVD pick-up system, medical devices such as μ-TAS and...
Authors: Urara Satake, Wen Xiao Wang, Toshiyuki Enomoto, Norikazu Tabata
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Demand for diminishing edge roll off of workpiece has rapidly increased, especially in polishing silicon wafers and glass disks. However, the...
Authors: Keisuke Igarashi, Masayuki Sato, Yasuhiro Kakinuma
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Viscoelastic polymer with high scratch resistance has been developed for coating material of product. Due to some particular characteristics...
Authors: Takeshi Tanaka
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:The main purposes of this study were to lessen the deformities in the machined surface, to make the crystal grains on the machined surface...
Authors: Jason Sowers, Alex Fang
Chapter 3: Polishing and Lapping
Abstract:Researching the effect that certain parameters have on the lapping process is crucial to understanding the fundamental material removal...
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