Advanced Materials for Applied Science and Technology

Volume 326

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hammad Rahman, Rehan Jamshed, Haris Hameed, Sajid Raza

Abstract: Finite element analysis of honeycomb sandwich panel has been performed by modeling the structure through three different approaches....

Authors: Muhammad Iqbal, Javed Iqbal Akhter

Abstract: Bulk amorphous alloys are new class of materials with excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have wide...

Authors: Yasir Nawab, Nicolas Boyard, Vincent Sobotka, Pascal Casari, Frédéric Jacquemin

Abstract: Residual stresses development during manufacturing of composites depends mostly on the shrinkage behaviour of the polymer matrix from the...

Authors: Muhammad Mushtaq Tariq, Zahid Mehmood, Mohtashim Mansoor, Malik Nazir Ahmed, Mustafa Pasha

Abstract: Composite materials are used extensively in aircraft structures, automobiles, sporting goods, and many consumer products. Thin-walled...

Authors: Hassan Ijaz, M Aurangzeb Khan, Waqas Saleem, Sajid Raza Chaudry

Abstract: This paper presents the mathematical modelling of fatigue damage able to carry out simulation of evolution of delamination in the laminated...

Authors: Zaffar M. Khan, Ghulam Yahya, M. Umer, Bilal Khan, Faraz Tahir

Abstract: Resin Infusion process is an affordable process for developing composite structures but resin impregnate is made difficult by its large size...

Authors: N. Ahmed, Mohammad Bilal Khan, Noaman Ul-Haq

Abstract: Polyurethanes with two different types of –OH backbones castor oil (CO) and hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) were synthesized by...

Authors: Jing Wen Wang, Tao Chen, Nan Wei, Cong Cong Wu, Shu Qin Li

Abstract: A high dielectric constant nano-composite was fabricated using polyurethane (PU) as matrix and poly (p-chloromethyl styrene) (PCMS) grafted...

Authors: M.B. Bhatty, Zameer Abbas, Fazal Ahmad Khalid

Abstract: Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys are employed for applications in actuators and sensing devices. Ni-Mn-Ga single crystalline alloys...


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