The Application of Thermosensitive Gel Nano-Material in Neurosurgery


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Thermo-sensitive gel is a kind of macromolecular material with temperature sensibility character. It is liquid under room temperature, and it can be changed to semisolid gel under animal body temperature. Then the medicament in the gel can be released gradually, to gain the sustained-release. We can make use of this character. The makeup of thermo-sensitive gel has a lot of ways, and recently the most in common use is PNIPA. It can be used in tumor cavity’s coating sustained-release chemotherapy after surgical operation, all use methods including:1. Brain glioma re-growing always be happened in tumor local site after neurosurgery operation, and inosculate the chemotherapy medicament into chitosan nanospheres slow-releasing particulates. Then mix into the thermosensitive gel , to be made to spray. During neurosurgical operation, after the surgical treatment for tumor, we spray it in the brain parenchyma cave remain after cutting tumor. When the thermosensitive gel meets the animal temperature, it is changed to membrane-wise glue attached to the tumor cave face. Then after surgical it can absorb moisture nearby, and gel membrane and chitosan nanospheres will release medicament continually. After glioma surgical treatment, the chemotherapy is slowly released partially. 2. Stereotactic surgery injection release interstitial chemotherapy. Under stereotactic apparatus inject gel into the centre of tumor, then the gel changes to colloid from liquid, and then the gel no outflow from tumor. The stereotactic technology offers the effective biopsy, diagnose and accurate and safe administration route for malignant glioma in brain’s depth which cannot be surgical treatment. 3. Embolization chemotherapy in tumor vasculature. Inject the thermosensitive gel into tumor artery, and some parts of gel curdle gradually, then it can embolize tumor capillary network, to interdict the blood to tumor, to control tumor’s growth. In the meantime medicament in gel release gradually, to win the chemotherapy. 4. Cerebral aneurysms and cerebral arteriovenous malformation embolization. Thermosensitive gel makes use of the difference between room temperature and animal heat to make embolism.



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B. J. Zhang and L. M. Wang, "The Application of Thermosensitive Gel Nano-Material in Neurosurgery", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 327, pp. 134-138, 2011

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September 2011




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