Advances in Materials Science

Volume 327

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miao Ying, Liu Jing, Zhao Zheng

Abstract: The impact of stretching temperature on proteolysis, titratable acidity and expressible serum of Mozzarella cheese during storage at 4 °C...

Authors: Zhi Cai Jiang, Wei Lian Qu

Abstract: Stability is an important issue in steel structure design.When the steel member is subjected to elastic-plastic instability, the axial...

Authors: Lan Shen Guo, Nai Qiang Dong, Wei Tian, Cai Xiao Li, Fang Zhong Zhang

Abstract: Images are widely used in engineering work and scientific research, therefore, it is necessary to identify the image. The image recognition...

Authors: Zhi Ling Peng

Abstract: On the basis of analysis of aerodynamics characteristic of high length-to-diameter ratio missile on the fly, Study the stability of elastic...

Authors: Lin Wei Wang, Wei Ya Xu, An Quan Xu

Abstract: Talus deposit is often seen in the hydropower projects in the southwest of China. Its mechanical properties are so complex that...

Authors: Ru Xin Ding, Zheng Hai Wang, Zu Yi Zhou, Chang Hai Xu

Abstract: The paleotopography reconstruction of orogen has an important research value on the study of mountain building and the study of orogen’s...

Authors: Bang Jun Lu, Bao Guo Kang, Wu Jun Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduced the principle and method of designing for Voice Coil Actuator based on the characteristic of Voice Coil Actuator. The...

Authors: Ze Yu Chen

Abstract: In order to on-line monitor tool wear, an on-line monitor tool wear system was built. The tool wear can only be meseaured indirectly in...

Authors: Hong Fu Chi

Abstract: Ship Positioning’s Thruster Allocation is a nonlinear programming problem with nonlinear equality and inequality. Morgan's direct thruster...

Authors: Dan Zhu, Qiang Wang, Ming Lang Hu

Abstract: We used the method of theoretical modeling and simulation to study how changes in wing kinematics influence the production of inertia forces...


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