Realization of the Internet Based Telecooperation Robot System


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In recent years, internet based telerobotics has become more and more important in our lives and scientific research, there are many scholars dedicated to this research fields, especially the cooperation in the system. So, in order to research the cooperation problems in operator with operator, robot with robot and operator with robot in multi-operator multi-robot teleoperation system, built a two-operator two-robot telecooperation system, realized the two operators control the two robots cooperating with each other to complete items handover respectively. This article has given the solution of the items handover in the cooperative teleoperation system, designed the telecooperation robot system, given the specific experiment process and verified the feasibility of the scheme through the remote cooperation handover experiment. The realization of the system has the very prominent realistic significance, especially provides the experiment platform for the research of the multi-robot telecooperation system.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 328-330)

Edited by:

Liangchi Zhang, Chunliang Zhang and Zichen Chen






X. H. Fu and S. L. Ouyang, "Realization of the Internet Based Telecooperation Robot System", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 328-330, pp. 1322-1325, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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