Preparation and Applications of Compatibilizer in HPVC/EPDM


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The graft copolymer EPDM-g-MMA was synthesized and its compatibilization property for HPVC/EPDM blending materials was studied in this paper. The synthesis conditions were investigated, results showed that the optimum solvent was the mixture of toluene and n-heptane with volume ratio of 1:1; the optimum conditions were reaction temperature of 80°C, time of 7 hours, initiator BPO was 0.12% and monomer MMA was 12%. The synthesis product was characterized by infrared spectroscopy and showed that EPDM-g-MMA grafting copolymer was obtained. The mechanical property of HPVC/EPDM blending materials increased greatly with an increase of compatibilizer content, compared with HPVC/EPDM material with no compatibilizer, when the dosage of EPDM-g-MMA was 9%, the tensile strength of the system increased from 6.8 MPa to 13.65 Mpa, and elongation at break increased from 175.23% to 347.31%.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 328-330)

Edited by:

Liangchi Zhang, Chunliang Zhang and Zichen Chen






B. Liang et al., "Preparation and Applications of Compatibilizer in HPVC/EPDM", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 328-330, pp. 1632-1635, 2011

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September 2011




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