The Experimental Study of Mechanics-Heating Effect to Sand-Therapy in the Uyghur Medicine


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Purpose: Experiment research and theory analysis to the heat transmission and mechanics property about organism tissue. Method: Heat transmission and the dynamic change of temperature should be survey in the course of sand-therapy, then compare it with simulative result; workpieces were made, buried in different temperature and buried in the sand for 30 minutes, to test its biomechanics property and compare to group without buried in sand. Result: (1) The initial temperature field of the sand was not well mixed. (2) The test spot of the electric thermocouple was inaccuracies when test the temperature. (3) Every parameter of the mathematical model is taken from the bibliography, it may not fix actually to the parameter of the patient. (4) In the model, we did not consider several factors such as sweat transit in the sand. (5) There was some differentiation between parameter of the experiment such as temperature, humidity, wind speed in the natural environment. The very common disease such as rheumarthritis, lumbag and cervical vertebra degeneration brings huge pain to the patients. Medical treatments which are often used by the medical institutions can not obtain efficient results. But sand-therapy, a great part of Uyghur medicine, has obviously effects to these diseases [1, 2]. The sand-therapy provides positive effects in such diseases taking place in the hot sand in Turfan in Xingjiang where special climate, special environment and strong sunshine have. But this treatment is greatly effected by environment and climate and only can take place between July to September. Nowadays, there is little research about the sand-therapy both domestically and internationally, among them concentrated on influence of medical parameter of the human body and exploration to cure the disease mechanism. The sand-therapy is effected by calorific, magnetic and mechanics, etc., involving a lot of disciplines. Some scholars have carried on qualitative analysis to sand-therapy and other heat-therapy in terms of biomechanics [3,4], others have carried on thermal effects by experiment manner and analysis [5,6], still others analysis sand-therapy deeply by animal experiment[7,8,9]. This paper has carried on experiment and theoretical analysis to part of hot-strength effect of Uyghur medicine[10,11] and mechanics of bone tissue by temperature of sand-therapy[12,13], based on thermal-physical model of thermal transmitting among human body and sand and numerical simulation of temperature change in human body and sand in the course of sand-therapy[14].



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 33-37)

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Wei Yang, Mamtimin Geni, Tiejun Wang and Zhuo Zhuang




D. Mahemuti et al., "The Experimental Study of Mechanics-Heating Effect to Sand-Therapy in the Uyghur Medicine", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 33-37, pp. 1017-1024, 2008

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March 2008