A Simple Method in Preventing Numerical Fractures of SPH Computations


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A non-triangulation inserting particle method is presented to prevent numerical fractures of SPH computations. The particles in those regions in which numerical fractures may occur are chosen at the beginning of SPH computations. And, the chosen particles are arrayed by the two different rules respectively according to the particle position relations. When the distance between each two chosen connected particles exceeds a certain value and neither of the corresponding two particles has fractured in SPH computations, a new particle is generated between those two ones and the position relation of particles is updated. The physical quantities that the new particle carries are obtained according to some given rules. The method and the same type of method in the reference are compared. The application of the method is analyzed. Conservation of mass and Conservation of momentum of the whole system are kept in this method. Several examples are given to validate the efficiency of the method to prevent numerical fractures.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 33-37)

Edited by:

Wei Yang, Mamtimin Geni, Tiejun Wang and Zhuo Zhuang




Y. Zhao et al., "A Simple Method in Preventing Numerical Fractures of SPH Computations", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 33-37, pp. 845-850, 2008

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March 2008