Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Hua Wang, Hui Min Xie, Hai Chang Jiang, Yan Jie Li, Fu Long Dai, Peng Wan Chen, Qing Ming Zhang, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: Martensitic phase transformation can greatly affect the mechanical behaviors and the stress-strain response of shape memory alloys (SMAs)....

Authors: Mohammad M. Haque, Ahmad Faris Ismail

Abstract: Green sand casting and chill mould casting methods are representing the slow and fast cooling rates of the brass casting, respectively. The...

Authors: Xi Shu Wang, Jing Hong Fan, Bi Sheng Wu, Ying Li

Abstract: To study the fatigue microcrack initiation and propagation behaviors of cast magnesium alloys, the small fatigue crack propagation tests...

Authors: Yu Ting He, Feng Li, Rong Hong Cui, Chao Hua Fan, Hong Peng Li

Abstract: When studying the growth of triaxial-stress-state crack, the plastic work rate consumed in the process zone at crack tip should be...

Authors: Masanori Kikuchi, Shougo Sannoumaru

Abstract: Dimple fracture tests are conducted under mode I and mixed mode lading conditions. Dimple fracture zone and shear-lip fracture zone are...

Authors: Jin San Ju, Xiao Chuan You, Xiu Gen Jiang, Jin Zhao Zhuang

Abstract: This paper primarily describes the development and application of substructure computational analysis techniques to determine stress...

Authors: Zhao Xi Wang, Hui Ji Shi, Xiao Liang Zhang

Abstract: Detailed experiments of fracture toughness in which SENB specimens of five different thicknesses were included were carried out to...

Authors: Zhi Jia Wang, Xiao Lei Wu, You Shi Hong

Abstract: In this paper, torsion fracture behavior of drawn pearlitic steel wires with different heat treatments was investigated. Samples with...


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