Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Li, Yan Ping Hu, Chun Jing Hu, Ye Hong Yu

Abstract: Natural fibers are excellent substitute materials for man made fibers in making fiber reinforced composites due to their high specific...

Authors: Qing Hua Qin, Tie Jun Wang

Abstract: A unified yield criterion is proposed in this paper, which is valid for the metallic sandwich sections with various core strength and...

Authors: Hui Min Li, Qin Zhi Fang, Tie Jun Wang

Abstract: As a direct and simple method, essential work of fracture has been widely used for fracture measurement of ductile polymers. In this paper,...

Authors: Ying Jun Jin, Tie Jun Wang

Abstract: The objective of the work is to numerically study the meso-scale deformation of amorphous glassy polymer. A molecular polymerization...

Authors: Jeong Seok Oh, W.K. Ju, Yi Qi Wang, Tae Gyu Kim, Jung I. Song

Abstract: The static and dynamic properties on the hoist hook of a vessel are necessary since they are affected by the damages of a static and...

Authors: Yi Hui Zhang, Xin Ming Qiu, Dai Ning Fang

Abstract: Lattice structures have ranges of thermo-mechanical properties that suggest their implementation in ultralight structures, as well as for...

Authors: Yue Guang Wei, Tie Ping Li, Hai Ou Xie

Abstract: The mechanical behaviors of the ceramic particle-reinforced metal matrix composites are modeled based on the conventional theory of...

Authors: Pierre Vialettes, Lina Zhou, Bing Pan, Zhuo Zhuang

Abstract: The school of aerospace of Tsinghua University has started a project to develop new kind of stratospheric balloons for earth observation....

Authors: Wang Cheng, Tian Bao Ma, Jian Guo Ning

Abstract: At long standoff, a shaped charge with small cone angle will produce a jet with a high tip velocity and a low tail velocity, causing it to...

Authors: Tao Xu, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Rock permeability is important in civil and geo-hydraulic engineering, the mining and petroleum industries, and in environmental and...


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