Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Hua, Hui Min Xie, Peng Zhang, Fei Yi Du, Bing Pan, Fu Long Dai, Peng Wan Chen, Qing Ming Zhang, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: The spider silk is considered as a new type of biomaterials with its excellent mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the...

Authors: Jun Lin Li, Zhong He Sui, Wei Yang Yang

Abstract: Dynamic problems of Yoffe mode crack are studied under antiplane shear impact in infinite orthotropic functionally graded materials. The...

Authors: Yong Li, Xiao Jing Li, Wei Shen Zhu, Qiang Yong Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces many types of analogue materials in China and other countries in geotechnical model tests. Combined with the study on...

Authors: Xi Song, Shi Rong Li

Abstract: Based on Kirchhoff’s assumption of straight normal line of beams and considering the effects of the axial elongation, the initial curvature...

Authors: Xiao Shan Cao, Feng Jin, Zi Kun Wang

Abstract: For the propagation of horizontally shear waves (SH-waves) in a functionally gradient piezoelectric material (FGPM) plate, the governing...

Authors: Yao Dai, Xiu Fa Yan, Chang Qing Sun, Wei Tan

Abstract: Crack-tip higher order stress and displacement fields for a mode III crack along the direction of property variation in a functionally...

Authors: P. Xue, J.P. He, Yu Long Li

Abstract: Plastic crushing behavior of thin-walled spheres under various loading cases is studied using Finite Element Method. The entire plastic...

Authors: Masayuki Tai, Anil C. Wijeyewickrema, Olivier Llouquet

Abstract: In this paper, Saint-Venant end effects for plane deformations of transversely isotropic piezoelectric materials are investigated. The...

Authors: Maigefeireti Maitireyimu, Masanori Kikuchi, Mamtimin Gheni

Abstract: This article presents a modified FEM Superpostion method (S-FEM) for composite material analysis. Around the reinforcement body, failure...

Authors: Mamtimin Gheni, Dong Cheng Yin, Xu Fei Wang, Masanori Kikuchi

Abstract: In this paper, the mathematical model for nonlinear multi-shaped randomly distributed domains in revealable and non-revealbale fields is...


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