Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.N. Weng, K.T. Wang, T. Chen

Abstract: The linear compressibility of a solid is defined as the relative decrease in length of a line when the solid is subjected to unit...

Authors: Akiyuki Takahashi, Mitsuru Kawanabe, Masanori Kikuchi

Abstract: Recent 3-Dimensional Atom Probe (3DAP) experimental observations showed the formation of spherical γ-precipitates at a central region of γ’...

Authors: Zheng Zhang, Geng Liu, Tian Xiang Liu

Abstract: An adaptive meshless element-free Galerkin-finite element (EFG-FE) coupling model for thermal elasto-plastic contact problems is developed...

Authors: Yasuhiro Kanto

Abstract: In this paper, a general post processing program for J-integral calculation is developed to apply to arbitrary shaped cracks in a three...

Authors: Yoshitaka Wada, Takuji Hayashi, Masanori Kikuchi, Fei Xu

Abstract: Due to more complex and severe design restrictions, more effective and faster finite element analyses are demanded. There are several ways...

Authors: Fei Xu, Jian She Chen, Qi Qing Huang

Abstract: In this paper, the numerical stability of the SPH method under both tension and compression conditions are discussed by using one...

Authors: Yan Zhao, Fei Xu, Yu Long Li, Yoshitaka Wada

Abstract: A non-triangulation inserting particle method is presented to prevent numerical fractures of SPH computations. The particles in those...

Authors: Jun Liu, Yu Long Li, Fei Xu

Abstract: This paper is focused on the development of an effective numerical method to simulate bird-impact aircraft windshield events. A new Smooth...

Authors: Tomonari Furukawa, John G. Michopoulos

Abstract: This paper presents an information-theoretic approach for computational material modeling, which characterizes materials by effectively...

Authors: Muhetaer Kelimu, Marc Thiriet

Abstract: Air and blood flow in a set of deformable conduits. Nowadays, computational models of biofluid flow are based on zoomed domains...


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