Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Gao

Abstract: Because it is very important to study the coal pillar stability, a lot of methods to do this have been proposed. But most of those methods...

Authors: Zheng Hua Xiao, Bo Han, Akenjiang Tuohuti, Hong Jian Liao

Abstract: This paper is mainly concerned with the saturated-unsaturated seepage analysis of earth dams based on unsaturated soil theory and the...

Authors: Cheng Yuan Zhang, Xiao Yan Liu, Quan Sheng Liu

Abstract: Coupled THM simulator on FEBEX case is a highly nonlinear system including several nonlinear sub-models. To better understand the coupled...

Authors: Hui Liu, Wei Lian Qu, Jin Wen Wang

Abstract: Taken the roof of Shenzhen citizen center with huge size and very complicated structure as the engineering background, the intelligent...

Authors: Q.W. Zhang, Di Tao Niu, T. Zhang, B.Y. Zhang

Abstract: A simplified integrating model is developed for soil-pile dynamic interaction system under seismic loading. Different from previous work,...

Authors: Yan Ling Han, Shou Qi Cao

Abstract: Diagnosis decision-making and evaluation analysis is two closely-related contents in the process of intelligent fault diagnosis, correct...

Authors: Xin Pu Shen, Guo Xiao Shen, Ji Hang Liu

Abstract: Instability of completed sand reservoirs reduces oil production rate and degrades production equipments. A major cause of such instability...

Authors: Yan Xu, Wen Lei Sun, Jian Ping Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents static and dynamic analysis of tower structure supporting a 600KW wind turbine based on the theory of FEM. According to...

Authors: Wang Cheng, Tian Bao Ma, Jian Guo Ning

Abstract: Based on the principle of the equivalent momentum of the corresponding elements for internal and external liners, annular shaped charge...

Authors: M. Mahardika, Kimiyuki Mitsui, Zahari Taha

Abstract: The mechanism of fracture in micro-electrical discharge machining (-EDM) processes is related to the discharge pulses energy. This paper...


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