Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guo Zhang, Qiang Yong Zhang, Wen Dong Yang, Ying Zhang

Abstract: The center hole deformation test of rigid bearing plate is an important method for understanding deformation properties of deep weak rock...

Authors: Joo Shin Park, Kazuhiro Iijima, Tetsuya Yao

Abstract: In the present paper, to clarify and examine the fundamental buckling behaviours of cylindrically curved plates subjected to axial loading,...

Authors: X.L. Wang, Hui Liu, Hai Bo Li

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics of a TV tower with 610m in height is actively analyzed by using commercial package ANSYS in this study. The...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, Bo Yi Chen, Ming Chyuan Lin

Abstract: The synchrotron radiation is an important light source used to improve the measurement resolution and efficiency of scientific equipments....

Authors: Li Bin Zhao, Jian Yu Zhang, You Xuan Zhao

Abstract: Taylor series numerical method is a novel time integration method for structural dynamics. In comparison with the well-known ones, Taylor...

Authors: Hiroyuki Houzu, Norio Arai, Yoko Takakura

Abstract: In this article the freely oscillating 3-dimensional parachute-like body sustained at one point is focused. To catch the real phenomenon by...

Authors: Kee Nam Song, Hyeong Yeon Lee, Yong Wan Kim, Soo Bum Lee

Abstract: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) is in the process of carrying out a Nuclear Hydrogen Development and Demonstration (NHDD)...

Authors: Hua Rui Liu, Q.H. Xu, J.L. Yang

Abstract: This paper is disserted to the vibrations of the sandwich panels with pyramidal truss cores. Firstly, based on the Hamilton principle the...

Authors: Qing Yang, J.J. Li, Y.N. Yang, Z.Y. Ye

Abstract: Characteristics and mechanism of twin-vertical-tail buffet response on airplane configuration with wing root leading edge extension (LEX)...

Authors: Zhi Chun Yang, Ying Song Gu

Abstract: Modern robust flutter method is an advanced technique for flutter margin estimation. It always gives the worst-case flutter speed with...


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