Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mutellip Ahmat, Wei Cheng, Li Zheng

Abstract: In this study, the chief heat sources of the spindle system for the TH6350 Machining Center are analyzed, and an experimental system based...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhou, Chu Hua Liang, Wen Jing Teng, Yan Xu, Bi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: Short electric arc machining (SEAM) is a non-conventional machining process that utilizes an arc to melt and vaporize workpiece material. A...

Authors: Meng Ju Lin, Jen Cheh Lee, Chung Li Hwan, Jung Nan Liao

Abstract: Pulse heated reflow soldering is widely used as junction methods of electronic devices such as ACF, HSC, FPC, PCB, TCP, and FFC. Hot bars...

Authors: Chia Lung Chang, Chia Huei Chiou

Abstract: The assembly of plastic electronic package requires a sequence of process steps. Every process step induces thermal residual deformation...

Authors: Yi Liang Zhang, Zhen Hai Zhang, Xue Dong Xu

Abstract: Comprehensive residual stress of a 1500m3 liquefied petroleum gas spherical vessel was measured and analyzed after many cracks arised. The...

Authors: Yi Qi Wang, W.K. Joo, Chae Sil Kim, Jung I. Song

Abstract: High-temperature oxidation resistance of 7 wt.%Y2O3-ZrO2 thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) irradiated by high-intensity pulsed ion beam...

Authors: W.K. Joo, Yi Qi Wang, H.T. Yang, W.C. Lee, C.Y. Sim, Jung I. Song

Abstract: The microstructures and mechanical properties of OFHC copper/STKM 11A for D-tube joints brazed using BAg filler metal at 870 °C for 20...

Authors: Tatsuo Inoue

Abstract: Phenomenological mechanism of transformation plasticity is proposed in the first part of the paper by use of simple model why stress in...

Authors: Qiao Yu Xu, Kalbinur Ahmat, Xiang Liu

Abstract: Fine martensite could be gained in 70Mn2Mo cast steel roller after solidification by laser treatment. The hardness and depth of hardened...

Authors: Yu Sup Nijat, Mamatjan Tursun, Gulbahar Tohti, Jurat Matruzi, Mamtimin Gheni

Abstract: Finite Element Method pre and post processing tool FAST and a self-programmed software optim3.f are used for structural optimization...


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