Advances in Fracture and Materials Behavior

Volumes 33-37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Jun Ge Du, Chuan Mei Shi

Abstract: The fatigue destruction is one way of expiration of pressure vessels, In order to avoid the accident occurring, it is extremely important...

Authors: Guo Zheng Kang, Yu Jie Liu, Qing Gao

Abstract: Uniaxial ratchetting-fatigue interaction of tempered 42CrMo alloy steel was observed by various cyclic stressing tests at room temperature....

Authors: J.Z. Liu, Xue Ren Wu, L.F. Wang, B.R. Hu, B. Chen

Abstract: Analytical studies were made on effect of size and location of a weld defect on fatigue life for argon-arc welded titanium alloy joint. In...

Authors: Qiang Yong Zhang, Yong Li, Wei Shen Zhu, Jian Guo Zhang, Han Peng Wang

Abstract: As the implementations of the western development in China, more and more tunnels will get through the western mountains in China. In order...

Authors: Masanori Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Wada, Masafumi Takahashi, Yu Long Li

Abstract: Fatigue crack growth under mixed mode loading conditions is simulated using S-FEM. By using S-FEM technique, only local mesh should be...

Authors: Yoon Suk Chang, Shin Beom Choi, Young Jae Park, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim, Jin Ho Lee, Hae Dong Chung, Kwang Won Seul

Abstract: In the ASME Code Section III ‘design by analysis’ approach, stresses are determined by numerical method and compared with corresponding...

Authors: Fei Fang, Fang Cheng Zhang, Wei Yang

Abstract: In-situ observation of the fatigue crack growth and 90o domain switching was carried out for BaTiO3 ferroelectric single crystals under...

Authors: Seung Chul Shin, Sung Mo Yang, Hyo Sun Yu, Hee Yong Kang, Chae Won Kim

Abstract: This paper shows how the number of lap of spot welded joints in automotive steel sheets changes the life -cycle transform of itself. There...

Authors: Jong Kyo An, Sung Mo Yang, Hee Yong Kang, Su Rok Sin

Abstract: HS40R and EZNCEN are extensively used as components of vehicle bodies because they satisfy environmental standards and improve fuel ratio....

Authors: Jun Deng, Marcus M.K. Lee, Pei Yan Huang

Abstract: The adhesive bonding between the steel beam and carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) plate is the weakest link and fatigue performance is...


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