Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Zhu, Yi Fan Chen

Abstract: The construction of the regionalism is not only affected the architecture space pattern, but also is closely related to the soft decoration...

Authors: Chun Jie Qian, Ji Li Tu, Hua Yun Ge, Jin Qiang Liu

Abstract: The performance of heat transfer coefficient, wicking and water vapour permeability (WVP) of cotton fabric were tested after adding...

Authors: Ning Wu, Ya Nan Jiao, Zhi Qing Yuan, Yun Xing Liang, Li Chen

Abstract: The Fe3+,La3+ co-doped polyvinyl acetate(PVAc)/titanium dioxide(TiO2) composite nanofibers were firstly prepared by combining sol-gel method...

Authors: Hui Qin Li, Ji Xian Gong, Qiu Jin Li, Zheng Li, Jian Fei Zhang, Ke Ning Chen, Zhu Xian Tang, Guo Qiang Ding, Sheng Yuan Lin

Abstract: Fabrics provide an attractive alternative for cell immobilization carrier. In this study, the relationship of weave structure of fabrics and...

Authors: Xiong Hua Wu, Jian Chi Lv, Xiao Ning Jiao

Abstract: Using BP neural network, a predictive model has been set up between the parameters of spunlaced nonwoven fabric and its two important...

Authors: Qing Li, Jun Li, Min Wang

Abstract: 3 Dimension scanning for measuring surface area of nude body is practiced and is compared to the empirical formula method and paste method....

Authors: Guang Song Yan, Yu Heng Su, Chong Wen Yu

Abstract: The properties of plain fiber assembly are discussed, and the fiber alignment in the assembly is investigated. Some theories in yarn...

Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Hair U Long

Abstract: Two kinds of plain fabrics, made of silver plating yarn, were tested on conductivity under weft extension to investigate the relationships...

Authors: Yue Ling Liu, Bu Kun Sun

Abstract: This paper systematically analysied and measured the main properties of the pure cashmere siro-spun yarn and pure rabbit hair ring-spun...


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