Statistical Property of Ideal Drafting Sliver


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Given the fiber length distribution, the strand in back roller nip is generated by the stochastic method and the virtual ideal drafting process is achieved by computer program. Two different ideal slivers are simulated according to the ideal drafting virtual process, and the statistical properties of the ideal sliver are discussed. The hypothesis test method is used to judge the distribution of the number of fiber in the cross section of silver. The result indicates that the CV of the ideal drafting slivers are near the value of Martindale’s limit evenness, the number of fibers in the silver cross section follows the Poisson distribution when all fibers are identical in length and the variant of that number in fiber sliver follows the Normal distribution, where the second point puts forward the challenge to the traditional theory.



Edited by:

Rui Wang and Huawu Liu






Y. H. Su et al., "Statistical Property of Ideal Drafting Sliver", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 331, pp. 123-128, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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