The Research of Two-for-One Twisting Spinning Frame


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Now many enterprises have used the two-for-one twister to replace the ring spinning frames, in accordance with the same principle, the enterprises will use two-for-one twisting spinning frames instead of ring spinning frames in the future.Compared with the ring spinning frame, the obvious advangtages of the two-for-one twisting spinning frame are as follows: the production efficiency is improved,which can reach the aim to get the higher single spindle production with the lower speed; The two-for-one twisting spinning frame is a machine that can spin and wind to cheese with larger capacity.The package form in this new machine is the cheese instead of the ring cop, so the automatic winding frame is saved, which not only improve the production efficiency and make the spinning process easier,but also improve the single yarn quality[1]. Additionally this machine can be used in this way: the output from the front roller would be introduced from the side of the spindle, the filaments /the rovings /the strands can be introduced through the bottom of the spindle at the same time, then they are twisted for two different effects and spun for special fancy yarn.



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Rui Wang and Huawu Liu






X. Q. Ren et al., "The Research of Two-for-One Twisting Spinning Frame", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 331, pp. 489-492, 2011

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September 2011




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