Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Zhu, Jian Da Cao, Wang Wei, Jing Cheng Zhong, Jia Yao, Ying Ye, Xin Xin Yang

Abstract: Cotton fabric was directly inkjet printed with reactive dye ink, the ink would appear on the permeability of the fabric, the depth of color...

Authors: Guo Ping Yao, Jin Huan Zheng, Hui Fen Chen

Abstract: Vitamin E (VE) microcapsules with polyurethane (PU) shell are successfully prepared via interfacial polymerization of polyurethane with...

Authors: Yan Yang, Xiao Hui Zhou, Ge Zhao, Xiao Ping Lu

Abstract: By using DiaionHP-20 and SephadexLH-20 to isolated and purify the pigment of Rhododendron simsii, a high concentration of fluorescent...

Authors: Yun Li Wang, Wei Lin Xu, Ying Wang, Yuan Ming Wu, Shan Cheng

Abstract: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber is a kind of widely used textile fiber due to its some desirable properties. However, it limited its...

Authors: Mei Zhen Li, Jin An

Abstract: Through putting protein additives in reactive dyes wastewater and decolorization, both of the additives and dye wastewater changed into a...

Authors: Shu Zhen Gao, Qun Liu, Qing Jian Liu

Abstract: Sulphonated linen fabrics dyed with cationic dyes were prepared by chemically modifying linen fabrics oxidated by sodium periodate with...

Authors: Yi Mu, Lan Wang, Ming Hua Wu, Jun Xiong Lin

Abstract: Modifier for heat transfer printing on cotton fabrics was prepared by semi-continuous emulsion polymerization process with butyl acrylate...

Authors: Ming Han, Chang Yun Miao, Jing Min Chang

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, Control Theory has been updating and progressing constantly. Motion Control Technology is...

Authors: Jian Ping Lin, Hong Jun Cui

Abstract: In order to reduce yarn hairiness of spooling procedure and improve the quality of knotless yarn, contrast experiments, under the given...


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