Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Yuan, Ying Lin Li, Su Ying Chen

Abstract: As the quality of yarn and the fiber indicators are nonlinear relationship, the traditional mathematical models or empirical formula has...

Authors: Hong Jun Cui, Jian Ping Lin, Li Jun Li

Abstract: The economic benefits of weaving production are mainly reflected in the yield of loom, whereas the loom weaving efficiency is the main...

Authors: Xue Wu Dong, Xi Ping Zhao, Song Qing Yu, Xiao Wen Zhou, Dai Ren, Ya Fei Zhai

Abstract: Dimensional stability of carding machine has a greater impact on the performance of the Cylinder wallboard. Compared with the thermal stress...

Authors: Xin Rong Li, Xiu Ming Jiang, Jian Cheng Yang

Abstract: With analysis of development tendency of domestic and abroad high-speed combers, in this paper we proposed a new drafting form to...

Authors: Xiao Guang Wu, Wen Bin Zhu, Chi Zhang, Cheng Jun Zhang

Abstract: This paper has proposed a drive theory for magnetic suspended knitting needles based on the magnetic suspension theory. The feasibility of...

Authors: Xiao Ding Gao, Gang Wang, Zhao Ming Nie

Abstract: The Circular nets printing machine synchronicity system based on intelligent PI controller has been designed. The intelligent PI controller...

Authors: Jun Feng Jing, Hang Li, Peng Fei Li

Abstract: In this paper, multi-scale wavelet edge detection approach is investigated for real time inspection of diversified fabric texture....

Authors: Jun Feng Jing, Guang Yan Li, Peng Fei Li

Abstract: With the register detection problems in the rotary screen printing process, the curve matching strategy was proposed to get the position...

Authors: Xue Qin Ren, Wen Ya Li, Xiao Fei Shen

Abstract: Now many enterprises have used the two-for-one twister to replace the ring spinning frames, in accordance with the same principle, the...

Authors: Xu Zhong Su, Wei Dong Gao, Ting Ting Wu, Xin Jin Liu, Yun Zhang

Abstract: Spinning triangle is a critical region in the spinning process of yarn. Its geometry influences the distribution of fiber tension in the...


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