Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Yang, Yi Xiong Yang, Wen Nan Qi

Abstract: With the structural adjustment and industry transformation of the domestic apparel enterprises, as well as the rise of fast fashion, apparel...

Authors: Li Qiu, Xiao Dong Chen

Abstract: The apparel CAD intelligence is one development direction for apparel CAD technology. Automatic generation of apparel pattern technology is...

Authors: Hui Shi, Jian Ping Wang, Zhi Yun Wu, Xiao Na Chen

Abstract: The study reviewed the research of the structure and performance test on bra product and made an outlook for further research .It concluded...

Authors: Zhe Zheng

Abstract: Chinese people who have become well off are experiencing a shift of consumption concept from traditional and practical style to luxurious...

Authors: Xue Qin Wang, Ming Hui Chen, Ai Dan Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces two aspects of menswear B2C e-business, i.e. the consumers’ actual-transaction and targeted-transaction. Circumstances...

Authors: Yan Zhen Wang, Jian Ping Wang, Sun Sun, Yan Mei Li

Abstract: To study the parameterized intelligent generation of women’s suit pattern, it is proposed a concept about rapid generation of individualize...

Authors: Gai Hang Li, Rui Shi, Guo Lian Liu

Abstract: As a combination of materiality and spirituality, costume is not just a practical thing to protect us but also the identification tag of...

Authors: Tong Xu, Min Fang, Guang De Li

Abstract: In recent years, with the trend of young, fashion, variety, fur has become one part of fashion clothing. The aim of this article is to study...

Authors: Shi Gang Wu

Abstract: In order to make clothing style sculpts to embody inherent culture and memory of clothing, and realize element design of pattern, here...

Authors: Hong Ni

Abstract: Select 45 pieces of silk, cotton and wool fabrics in total, with semi-circular skirt modeling as object of study, investigate the...


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