Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Zou, Shi Gang Wu

Abstract: Computer application technology which is changing with each passing day has shown strong vitality, and garment CAD technology has become the...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wu, Qiao Ying Wu

Abstract: The objective of the research was to redesign generic process of the apparel product development adopted in Chinese apparel enterprises...

Authors: Yi Xu, Mei Zhang

Abstract: The fashion show was come into being with the appearance of retail of costumes in the middle of the 19th century. Up to now, it has become...

Authors: Yong Mei Liu, Lu Zhang, Gan Hong Feng

Abstract: Armhole is a base part of the sleeve. The sleeve morphological characteristics affect the construction and shape of sleeve. The underarm...

Authors: Hui Juan Xu, Feng Yuan Zou, Jing Wei, Ying Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the classification model of clothing styles is established based on the MDS (Multi-dimensional Scaling) and K-means method....

Authors: Hui E Liang, Lan Ming Jin

Abstract: Transmutability clothing arises from traditional aesthetic demands and needs of modern life. It coordinated with the development and the...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Xiao Ming Qian, Li Li Zhai

Abstract: The common evaluating indicators of female physical beauty aren’t able to point out which parts and how many sizes need to be reshaped. So,...

Authors: Yu Xiu Yan, Wen Juan He, Li Juan Lou, Jian Wei Tao, Min Bo Lin

Abstract: Paper studies the aerobics clothing consumption behavior of college students in Hangzhou. By the way of detailed questionnaire and...

Authors: Zhi Yun Wu, Yao Zhang

Abstract: The research presented in this paper is to develop a technique of virtual clothing show during the online shopping. At present, the online...

Authors: Ming Wei Tian, Su Kang Zhu, Ning Pan

Abstract: Liquid cooling garment (LCG) is treated as one kind of effective form-fitting garment applied to remove and release extra heat efficiently...


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