Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cang Zhao, Guang Li Song, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Bamboo fiber reinforced polylactic acid composite is a kind of green composite materials with excellent performance, which is environmental...

Authors: Wen Long Gu, Yong Nan Zhao

Abstract: The graphene oxides are abundant in hydroxyl and carboxyl groups that are close to the reactive dyes. These structural features gave a...

Authors: Jane Zhao

Abstract: Through the analysis of the three design performance of green Initiative costume design concept, the thesis interpreted the environmental...

Authors: Su Zhen Liang

Abstract: The pattern design of brassieres is the core technology for the design and manufacture of brassieres, while the female breast shape and part...

Authors: Hai Liang Wu, Yan Qin Shen

Abstract: Grafted Copolymers of Starch-g-Butyl acrylate were prepared under conditions of micro-wave field and the normal heat resource, the ammonium...

Authors: Jian Ming Wang, Lei Zhao, Xiao Qin

Abstract: Carbon fibers were used to lay lengthways into three lays in jute fiber needled mat and the same fiber volume content of jute fiber needled...

Authors: Yi Weng

Abstract: Chitosan has the function of anti-bacterial, and it can produce natural green anti-bacterial health-care textiles. However, after the...

Authors: Qiao Ying Wu, Wen Bin Zhang

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to study the effects of mechanical properties on seam shrinkage of lightweight silk fabrics. Thirty five silk...

Authors: Yu Heng Su, Wen Lin Zou, Guang Song Yan

Abstract: Given the fiber length distribution, the strand in back roller nip is generated by the stochastic method and the virtual ideal drafting...

Authors: Li Bin Lv, Mei Du

Abstract: The tensile properties of tri-component Sirofil composite yarn is analyzed. To characterize the stretchability of the composite yarn, a...


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