Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Hua Gao, Gang Xian Zhang, Feng Xiu Zhang

Abstract: Polyester has many superior characteristics such as high strength, durability, and good wash-and-wear properties. But it is not comfortable...

Authors: Heng Quan, Zhen Ya Gu

Abstract: A series of hydrophilic polyether polyurethanes were prepared with two-steps technique from 4,4’- diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI),...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Jian Kun Wang, Rui Wang, Xiao Ping Fan

Abstract: In this article, a new kind of starch sizing agent, cationic graft starch [CS-g-P(AM-co-HEMA-co-BA)] was synthesized. Its structure was...

Authors: Ji Xian Gong, Zheng Li, Qiu Jin Li, Jian Fei Zhang

Abstract: Evolutionary engineering is a novel whole-genome wide engineering strategy inspired by natural evolution for strain improvement....

Authors: Lian He Yang, Ya Juan Yu, Wei Xin Liu

Abstract: The cross-section of yarn in plain woven fabric has always been viewed as an invariable shape by academe. However, with visualization...

Authors: Yan Qi, Xue Rong Fan, Rong Rong Cui, Qiang Wang

Abstract: Costume Color Samples from the Rural Areas in Northern and Southern Regions of China during the Republic Period Were Collected, Measured...

Authors: Xiao Mei Wang, Cheng Rong Zhang

Abstract: Since the “plastic limit order” was released, shopping bags made of polypropylene spun-bonded nonwovens have been wildly used in daily life...

Authors: Saniyat Islam, Amit Jadhav, Jian Fang, Lyndon Arnold, Li Jing Wang, Ra Jiv Padhye, Xun Gai Wang, Tong Lin

Abstract: Electrospraying or electrohydrodynamic spraying is a technique of liquid atomisation by utilising electrical forces. In the electrospraying...

Authors: Shan Li Wang, Lian He Yang

Abstract: The numetrical representation of yarn structure of reinforcing material has become a precondition in designing architecture and predicting...

Authors: Xiao Yuan Pei, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: A study on dynamic mechanical properties of carbon fiber plain woven fabric (with fiber orientation of 30°/-60°) / epoxy resin laminated...


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