Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Wei Sun, Hua Zhang, Yong Kai Zhou

Abstract: To explore the effect of multi-antibacterial powders on the polyamide fibers, we analyzed the structure and properties of the polyamide...

Authors: Nazia Nawaz, Olga Troynikov, Chris Watson

Abstract: Key words: Physiological comfort, knitted fabrics, protective clothing Abstract. Thermal comfort of clothing is associated with the thermal...

Authors: Hong Li Ma, Li Xia Leng, Zhi Yu Zheng, Xiao Hong Zhou

Abstract: During weaving, broken picks and irregular pick always lead to loom stop and cloth defect. Weft tension is one of the important factors....

Authors: Qi Xiao, Rui Wang, Lei Xu

Abstract: SnO2 thin film on the glass fiber was prepared by the ethanol solvent and crystalline tin chloride based Sol-gel method, including the...

Authors: He Chun Chen, Xing Feng Guo

Abstract: The annular woven shaped fabrics are woven on ordinary weaving frames, and equally distributed long and short wefts in the fabric, which can...

Authors: Yu Tao Chang, Xiao Ming Qian, Hai Wen Liu, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: 3D woven fabric significantly improves the mechanical properties, especially the strength resulting from the between layers connections of...

Authors: Sha Sha Guo, Xiang Yu Jin, Hong Wang, Qin Fei Ke

Abstract: The objective of this study is to prepare a filtration material with fiber diameter grade by electrospinning technique using meltblown...

Authors: Qian Juan Zhao, Ya Nan Jiao

Abstract: The tensile property of two-dimensional (2-D) braided cored ropes with high-performance is investigated and found that braiding angle has an...

Authors: Miao Su

Abstract: Fabric reconstruction is to redesign the artistic effect of fabrics. The paper centers on the materials and design technique of fabric...

Authors: Hui Jun Li, Xin Hou Wang

Abstract: The objective of this research is to predict yarn unevenness. The model of predicting yarn unevenness is built based on improved BP neural...


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