Advances in Textile Engineering

Volume 331

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Xia Wang, Mei Du, Yi Ping Qiu

Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate the uniformity and penetration of surface modification into textile materials including...

Authors: Zhao Wu Lei, Gao Ying Yang, Chang Lin Xi

Abstract: Printing and deying wastwater was one of the wastewater of difficulty biological treatment. the process of the coagulation...

Authors: Yan Jun Tan, Yan E Yu

Abstract: Nomex has very high crystallization degree, the mindset degrees and chemical stability, which makes its dyeing highly difficult. In the...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Yu Chuan Guo, Yi Zhong Chen, Er Deng Du, Yong Jing Mao

Abstract: It is difficult to treat printing and dyeing wastewater, for printing and dying wastewater features complex composition, high chromaticity...

Authors: Xiao Li Shi, Huan Song, Xin Sheng Zhu, Zhi Juan Pan

Abstract: Dyes containing wastewater lead to severe environmental pollution. Polyacrylates both dissolved in water and bonded to polyester fabrics...

Authors: Xue Mei He, Kong Liang Xie

Abstract: In this study, wool fabrics were treated with different concentration of chitosan sulfamic acid solution under using...

Authors: Hao Wang, Chen Huang, Na Liu

Abstract: Cotton fabric was treated by chitosan and epoxy-silicone finishing agents to improve its wrinkle-resistant property. The study showed that...

Authors: Ting Ting Liu, Yong Qiang Li, Jin Qiang Liu, Ling Jie Meng

Abstract: Surface modification of the dyed polyester was performed by the combination of escaping electron-beam atmospheric pressure glow discharge...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Wen Ying Zhu

Abstract: Abstract. Amino-silicone Softener Was Synthesized by the Hydrosilylation Reaction, with Dimethylaminoethyl Acrylate, Polymethylhydrosiloxane...

Authors: Juan Liu, Ruo Ying Zhu, Yi Zhang

Abstract: The morphology of rabbit hair and wool were compared, results showed that rabbit hair was more fine and had more medulla component, imply...


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