Effect of Solution Conductivity on the Morphology of Bubble-Electrospun Nanofibers


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In this paper, we have bubble-electrospun PLA nanofibers to analyze and investigate the effect of different electrical conductivities by adding different amounts of LiCl into the PLA/DMF solutions on the morphology and diameter of the nanofibers. As a result, it is found that when the mass fraction of LiCl is 0.5%, we can obtain the smallest mean diameter of bubble-electrospun nanofibers with more smooth surface and uniform fineness. Moreover, both improving and reducing LiCl concentration brings on coarse nanofibers surface and poor diameter distribution.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 332-334)

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Xiaoming Qian and Huawu Liu




R. R. Yang et al., "Effect of Solution Conductivity on the Morphology of Bubble-Electrospun Nanofibers", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 332-334, pp. 1003-1006, 2011

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September 2011




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