Structure Structural Characteristics of Rabbit Hair


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Key morphological features of rabbit hair were investigated and compared with these of cashmere fiber. When the rabbit fiber diameter was about 10um, the angle of scale edge to the fiber axis was small. When the fiber diameter was around 40um, scale edges inclined larger angles to the axis. In addition, no overlapping and checks along the scale edges were observed in such coarse hair. The rabbit fiber diameters were normally between 10um and 20um and the scales of these fibers were long strip shaped with sharp tip at the middle. There was obvious boundary in the cashmere fiber after dyeing. One side is far darker than the other. On the contrast, this bilateral structure was not observed in the rabbit hair samples. The cortical cells presented in an uneven distribution in the rabbit hair. The mean ratio of medulla (filled with plenty of air) to fiber diameter was about 40%, which provide excellent thermal insulation to the rabbit hair assemblies.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 332-334)

Edited by:

Xiaoming Qian and Huawu Liu






Y. Zhang et al., "Structure Structural Characteristics of Rabbit Hair", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 332-334, pp. 1073-1076, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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