Study on Sintering Process of Magnetic Abrasive Particles


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The magnetic abrasive prepared by sintering method, the aim is to change the internal structure of abrasive particles by sintering method, make the abrasive particles parceled on the surface of magnetic iron particles, and compared with the abrasive particles phase to get a kind of magnetic abrasive particles with high durability, strong magnetic, which can be magnetized in a magnetic field and improve processing efficiency and surface quality in magnetic abrasive machining. Sintering is used to prepare magnetic abrasive in this paper, to make iron particles, abrasive particles mixed with some binder, after suppression, drying, sintering, cooling, crushing and screening. This paper makes analysis for surface morphology and composition of the magnetic abrasive particles by scanning electron microscopy and discusses the effect that the abrasive particles size ratio, sintering time, sintering temperature on the magnetic abrasive, and the preparation of the magnetic abrasive process has been optimized.



Edited by:

Prasad Yarlagadda, Yun-Hae Kim, Zhijiu Ai and Xiaodong Zhang






Y. Chen et al., "Study on Sintering Process of Magnetic Abrasive Particles", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 337, pp. 163-167, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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