Numerical Simulation of Ti-6Ai-4V Channel Part in Hot Forming Process


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Abstract. Base on establishing the model of channel part deep drawing , the eat / DYNAFORM finite element analysis software is used to simulate and analysis the hot forming process of Ti-6Ai-4V channel part, the technological parameters which influenced the basic forming characteristics of the channel are researched. The result shows that: as with the punch and die clearance increases, the growth trend of the maximum effective stress value decreases, the thinning ratio has an increasing trend, the effect of clearance value on the material thickening ratio is small; as the fraction coefficient increases, the maximum effective stress increases in the whole forming stage, and along with the forming depths increase, friction can only influence the thinning ratio of material to a certain extent, the maximum thickening ratio decreases as the friction coefficient increases and decreases more quickly with the forming depths increase; the effect of different blank holder force on the maximum effective stress is not obvious in the forming process, under the role of first decrease and then increase type blank holder force curve, the maximum thinning ratio increases rapidly, exert the type of decreasing and the first increase then decrease blank holder force curve, the thickening ratio of the slab is small after forming, it can inhibit wrinkle and obtain better forming quality.



Edited by:

Prasad Yarlagadda, Yun-Hae Kim, Zhijiu Ai and Xiaodong Zhang






J. Li et al., "Numerical Simulation of Ti-6Ai-4V Channel Part in Hot Forming Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 337, pp. 410-413, 2011

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September 2011




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