Experimental Study of Thermal Contact Conductance with Compensation Heater


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This article describes an experimental setup to measure the TCC between interfaces of two contact solid materials. A new kind of design scheme of the compensation heater is put forward. An experimental investigation of thermal contact conductance is conducted with pressed pairs of GH4169 and K417 contacts in the range 130~280°C. The results show that TCC over this condition increases with temperature, but it is not monotonic. Moreover, the thermal contact conductance measured by experiment with compensation heater at the interface is higher than that without compensation heater.



Edited by:

Prasad Yarlagadda, Yun-Hae Kim, Zhijiu Ai and Xiaodong Zhang




Z. R. Wang et al., "Experimental Study of Thermal Contact Conductance with Compensation Heater", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 337, pp. 774-778, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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