Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Maryam Shirmohammadi, Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda, P. Gudimetla, V. Kosse

Abstract: Abstract Mechanical damages such as bruising, collision and impact during food processing stages diminish quality and quantity of...

Authors: Huan Xia Zhang, Amin Cao, Yong Kang Luo, Li Wei

Abstract: In this work, carbon fibers were sized with different plasticizer of sizing agent in order to improve the performances of carbon fibers and...

Authors: Guang Lei Li, Gui Hua Zhu, Chang Jie Luo, Kai He, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: This paper presents the design of a gold bead chain machine. The gold bead chain machine is designed for automatic gold chain process....

Authors: Min Li Wang, Li Xiao, Zhi Wang Zheng

Abstract: Hot rolled 240MPa grade high strength IF steel sheet was used to study the effect of cold reduction ratio and annealing temperature on the...

Authors: Ji Lin Xu, De Zhen Yu, Jun Ming Luo

Abstract: In this paper, the micro-arc oxidation coatings formed on biomedical Ni-Cr-Mo alloy were characterized by surface and cross-sectional...

Authors: Chang Jun Chen, Min Zhang, Qing Ming Chang

Abstract: Surface oxygen diffusion hardening treatments of TC4 titanium alloy in Ar+O2, O2 and ambient atmosphere were performed...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Xue Feng Yan, Zhi Ming Zhang, Liang Min Yu

Abstract: The luminescent coating as one of the special functional coatings of the 21st century has attracted a great deal of attention recently....

Authors: Yuan Jing Cai, Chao Can Zhang, Li Li Wu, Run Hua Hu

Abstract: The synthesis of AGE modified polysiloxane was realized by block copolymerization. Using degradation method and different ratio of raw...

Authors: Li Hua Song, Jun Yuan Kang

Abstract: In accordance with the latest development direction in the filed of strengthening the heat transfer technology of strengthening the heat...


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