Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Won Jung, Dong Hong Kim, Bong Chun Kim, Dae Lim Ko, Duc Toan Nguyen

Abstract: The products manufactured by the Sheet metal process are widely used in automobile and aircraft industries due to their high strength and...

Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Wen Jie Jiang, Ji Cai Feng, Shi Sheng Zhong

Abstract: The effect of underwater wet welding processes with flux-cored wire on tensile properties and microstructure of Q235A steel was studied....

Authors: Zhao Bing Liu, Paul Meehan, Paul Bellette

Abstract: Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) is a promising sheet-metal-forming technology which is drawing more and more researchers’ attention due to...

Authors: Han Dong Zhao, Hua Zhang, Peng Sun, Fei Li

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces metal forming on extrusion simulations. Different process parameters of the simulation results are analyzed,...

Authors: Lei Su, Yuan Nie, Hua Ji, Chuan Ping Ma, Shao Hua Yan, Li Jun Wang, Hui Chen, Li Chun Meng

Abstract: The technology of lightening manufacture for aluminum alloy train body is one key of manufacturing high-speed train . The train body is a...

Authors: Yu Xian Zhang, Li Fu Wang, Fang Yao, Hong Wang, Xiao Shuang Men, Bing Bing Ye

Abstract: Waterjet abrasive nozzle is the key component for accelerating abrasive particle velocity and its diameter has important influence on water...

Authors: Ming Li Jiao, Kai Yang, Hong Yan Liu, Wang Xi Zhang

Abstract: An approach which formed sheet structure through plane compression processing in the bulk of polymer (polypropylene (PP)) was suggested and...

Authors: Di Fan

Abstract: This paper studies the polishing mechanism of SiC optic surface; it also introduces the grinding mechanism of ceramic material – indentation...

Authors: Nurhaniza Mohamad, M.K.A.M. Arifin, Aidy Ali, Faizal Mustapha

Abstract: The thin-web structure component is widely used in aviation and aerospace industries with the reason of light weight and high performance....

Authors: Kitikun Klungphon, Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen

Abstract: In order to realize the intelligent machines, an in-process monitoring system is developed to detect the continuous chip and the broken chip...


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