Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Man Li, Jing Yu Tong, Zhi Hao Wang, Yu Bai, Dong Bo Tian, Bin Wang

Abstract: Because the lunar soil is rarely, lunar soil simulant plays an important part in lunar exploration, development and utilization of lunar...

Authors: Yang Yang Sheng, Yan Fu Yan, Kuai Le Zhao, Zhi Wei Xu

Abstract: The spreadability of Zn-20Sn solders on Cu substrate was researched by using self-made flux, silver brazing 102 and medium activity rosin...

Authors: Bing Wang, Jian Lin Sun, Yuan Yuan Wu

Abstract: The non-parathion nano organic molybdenum (Nano-Mo) was adopted to substitute for the conventional extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives,...

Authors: Toshio Haga, Kenta Takahashi, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Warari

Abstract: Casting of a wire inserted strip was investigated using a downward melt drag twin roll caster. A nozzle was mounted to each roll. The wire...

Authors: Selvam Rajiv, Karibeeran Shanmuga Sundaram, Pablo Pasquale

Abstract: Electromagnetic forming is one of the high- rate forming methods that are extensively used to form and join axisymmetric tubes and metal...

Authors: Hai Tao Yin, Tao Zhu, Bing Rong Miao

Abstract: Three typical finite element models (FEM) of spot-welds have been created as analysis objects, and the relationship between force and...

Authors: Hai Tao Zhang, Bao Mian Li, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic field on the solidification structure of HMn084 brass (Cu-20%Zn-7.5%Mn-5.5%Al-1.5%Si-1%Fe-0.5%Pb in mass%) had...

Authors: Miao Rong Lv, Mei Li, Zhi Qiang Chen, Li Wang

Abstract: With the help of digital audio technology, fault diagnosis and quick identification of multi-channel synchronous vibration signals acquired...

Authors: Wei Fang Wang, Wan Lin Zhou

Abstract: CNC machining tool is the core application technology of equipment manufacturing and the key to modern manufacturing industry, which is of...

Authors: Shao Hua Yan, Zhong Yin Zhu, Chuan Ping Ma, Lei Su, Da Li, Hui Chen, Li Chun Meng

Abstract: The residual stress,which is unavoidable in the process of flash-butt-weld rails,plays important roles in the service life of the railway...


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