Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guang Li, Jie Dong Cao

Abstract: Procedure of determination for parameters of Johnson-Cook model, which is widely used in numerical computation and design for manufacture...

Authors: Guo Zhi Zhang, Jun Jing Fu

Abstract: The bending mechanical mechanism of ARB(accumulative roll bonding) specimen was studied. Based on macro-micro plastic theory, theoretical...

Authors: Dong Li Lv, Ci Chang Chen, Tao Zhang

Abstract: Solid particle erosion-wear behavior under different working conditions was simulated by FEM. A three-dimensional finite element model of...

Authors: Fang Wen Wang, Hong Zuo, Yi Wen

Abstract: This paper reports seven failure styles found in our experimental investigation for the failure between two neighbor holes located at...

Authors: Chuan Ping Ma, Yuan Nie, Li Jun Wang, Yong Hui Zhu, Yan Liu, Hui Chen

Abstract: The fracture of U71Mn rail welded butt joints on flash welding was analyzed by using visual observation, metallographic microscope, SEM and...

Authors: Yong Hui Zhu, Wei Zhou, Yuan Nie, Zhong Yin Zhu, Hui Chen, Gui Guo Wang, Jin Peng Yu

Abstract: In this paper, a failure analysis is made to a welded aluminum alloy component of the equipment by module below the high-speed train. Making...

Authors: Kun Ning Jia

Abstract: The fatigue crack growth behavior of weld joint of Q460NH steel is very important for estimating life-time in terms of a crack length in...

Authors: Hao Li, Yi Hua Liu

Abstract: In this work, the static response of a perforated functionally graded plate is investigated under pure shear. Young’s modulus is assumed to...

Authors: Na Wang, Li Hai Wang, Hua Dong Xu

Abstract: The principle of geometric analysis was adopted in this paper to calculate the ultrasonic testing accuracy of log samples containing...

Authors: Jun Hong Zhang, Jie Wei Lin, Shuo Yang, Feng Lv

Abstract: This paper presents a modified nonlinear continuum damage model (CDM) applying to analyze compressor blades fatigue developed by Chaboche....


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