Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Han, Yue Zou

Abstract: The main physical and mechanical properties of the ordinary and bamboo mat enhancing bamboo particle board (for short EBPB) were detected...

Authors: Hong Fei Sun, Zhan Rui Niu, Can Ming Wang, Bo Yuan

Abstract: A bronze mirror dating of Han-dynasty was studied in this paper. The in-depth structure and the composition of the natural patina and...

Authors: Jian Jun Xi, Jun Zhao, Ning Yang

Abstract: This paper introduces a way to characterize corrosion using contact resistance and points out the noticed problems during the test process....

Authors: Jian Jun Xi, Jun Zhao, Ning Yang

Abstract: The previous study on the protective performance of organic layers pays almost all attention to the layers in solid phase. This paper...

Authors: Li Hui, Song Zhou, Liang Xu, Shao Hua Ma, Yan Wang, Ying Ying Zhang

Abstract: The fatigue life experiments of the pre-corroded 7XXX aluminum alloy(Kt=1 and Kt=3)were tested in environment of laboratory air and water in...

Authors: Xin Ling Liu, Chun Hu Tao

Abstract: Analyze and represent the main problem about aviation material application, that is the low readiness and large dispersity. Technology...

Authors: Sachin B Mirajkar, K. Gopinath, Raghu V. Prakash

Abstract: Powder Metallurgy (PM) component properties are influenced by the pore morphology, size, size-distribution and pore content [1]. Structural...

Authors: Fei He, Xiao Chen Wang, Zhi Guo Liang, Cui Ma

Abstract: In the hot strip rolling production process, mechanical properties are detected offline. The process data is used for clustering analysis to...

Authors: Zong Ren Wang, Wei Fang Zhang, Ming Yuan Yang

Abstract: This article describes an experimental setup to measure the TCC between interfaces of two contact solid materials. A new kind of design...

Authors: Ye Qiu, Jian Wang, Jing Liu

Abstract: To learn differences and mainstream smoke (MSS) risks of between Low ignite propensity (LIP) cigarettes and the common, their MSS and 7 main...


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