Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Wu Qiu, Yun Peng Zhang, Chun Ge Liu

Abstract: In order to improve 6063A aluminium surface condition, electroless plating technology was used to obtain Ni-P coating on 6063A aluminium...

Authors: De Ying Zhang, Yu Jun Xue, Xian Hui Li, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: Ni-CeO2 nanocomposite coatings were prepared by electrodeposition with rotating cathode in an ultrasonic field. The surface...

Authors: Xiang Hui Zhang, Ling Wang, Jian Ping Long

Abstract: In the present investigation, diamond coating was deposited on fine grinding cemented carbide substrate by direct current arc discharge...

Authors: Wei Cong, Yao Lin, Li Yuan Xu

Abstract: TiO2 light anode film is one of the most important part of DSSC. But the microscopic structure of nano-Tio2 is not...

Authors: Wen Chang Lang

Abstract: In this design, the concept of static magnetic field was given up and the idea of controlling the arc discharge by transverse rotating...

Authors: Qi Zhou, Xuan Xiao, Guang Jun Ren, En Jun Song, Yu Feng Wang

Abstract: The boehmite sol is prepared with cheap inorganic salt Al(NO3)3 and NH3H2O. The anodized...

Authors: Xia He, Qing You Liu, Min Zhao, Yong Zhao, Jia Yu Tian

Abstract: The unexpected in-service failure of fluid pump end of fracturing pump motivated the present investigation. The model of three-cylinder...

Authors: Xiao Juan Wu, Zheng Jun Liu, Guo De Li

Abstract: The high-phosphorus electroless Ni–P plating coating with 11.64 at.% was prepared by electroless technology. By means of x-ray diffraction...

Authors: Chao Ping Jiang, Ya Zhe Xing, Jian Min Hao

Abstract: The effects of CuO, TiO2 and B2O3 oxides and nanocrystalline Al2O3+ TiO2...

Authors: Feng Li, Xing Guo Geng, Zhi Chen, Lei Zhao

Abstract: This letter introduces the properties of superhydrophobic metal carboxylate surface. The relationship between wettability of...


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