Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Yang, Yu Yong Lei, Hu Zou, Hua Lv, Wei Guang Jia

Abstract: Preparation of cutting tool edge using micro abrasive water jet is proposed in this paper. A specific designed water jet machine tool with...

Authors: Xiao Xiao Zhuang, Xiao Xia Sun, Li Li, Ying Chun Li

Abstract: A mide, simple and efficient synthetic procedure for the preparation of 2,3-di(tert-butanesulfiny)Thiophene and key intermediates, chiral...

Authors: Fu Quan Zhang, Yong Zhou Wang, Mei Chen, Jian He Liao, Mao Fang Huang

Abstract: The storage lifetime of nature rubber vulcanizes dried by microwave and hot-air was investigated by using thermogravimetric point slope...

Authors: Roung Rong Thongtan, Klana Rong Sriroth

Abstract: Pregelatinized and oxidized cassava starches were proven to be satisfactory to be distributed into poly(lactic acid) and poly(butylene...

Authors: Yan Chen, M.M. Zhang, Z.Q. Liu

Abstract: The magnetic abrasive prepared by sintering method, the aim is to change the internal structure of abrasive particles by sintering method,...

Authors: Ren Dong Liu, Guo Ming Zhu, Chao Lu, Fu Wang, Li Lin, Yong Lin Kang

Abstract: Based on cold rolled TRIP 780 and HSLA 340 steel sheet, the stamping of U-beam and its springback was studied experimentally and...

Authors: Jian Wang, Hong Xiao, Hong Biao Xie, Xiu Mei Xu

Abstract: Microstructure evolution can cause changes in dislocation density during hot plastic formation of metals and greatly influence the shape of...

Authors: Gui Xiang Hou, Xiao Ai Chen, Xiao Ming Sang

Abstract: Epoxy resin/polymethyl methacrylate(EP/PMMA,70/30) interpenetrating network composites containing various contents of dimethyl sulfoxide...

Authors: Chao Chen, Cui Jiao Ding, De Gang Ouyang, Sheng Chen, Zhong Hua Song

Abstract: A one-dimensional mathematical model of wire rod during cooling was developed. This model considered the heat of phase transformation during...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Yong Liu, Ming Yang Zhang

Abstract: Powder forging is an important method for behaviors in a closed die, including the net shape. In order to study the deformation...


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